Maggie's Puppies

Welcome to our new puppy site.

Maggie had her first litter on Friday, November 4, 2005. We bred her with Phoenix and had 7 beautiful pups. Click here to see lots of pics of her first litter

Maggie got back into shape in no time and soon she was racing around and looking so svelte, you’d never know she had pups. Except for That little Ruger who followed her everywhere. We kept the only male from the first litter and are enjoying Ruger immensely. He is 18 months now and has grow into a beautiful dog. He’s big and strong and loves to hunt. Chuck had him out this past fall and he shows much promise. He’s very well behaved and loving.

Maggie did such a great job with her first litter and it was such a fun experience we decided to try once more. Her second litter of 7 AKC Yellow Labs arrived on April 20, 2007. We have 5 females and 2 males this time. They are all beautiful and just perfect. Our new puppies will be 7 weeks old on Friday, June 8th and will be ready to go to homes for some summer fun

If the puppies look good to you and you're interested, e-mail me at You can check out their pedigree information here. They are AKC registered and both mom and dad are from pedigrees of champions. Phoenix is currently listed as a Canadian Champion show dog. Maggie comes from a background of field champions.



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