2007 Litter

Here we go again. Maggie had her second litter on April 20, 2007. She did a great job again. A bit of a hard labor in the beginning, but after the first pup was born the rest came easily. Again, she has the mother thing down to a science and began to take care of her pups immediately.



Two puppies - Maggie got right in the swing of things

I think we have six here - She’s starting to get a little tired



Here’s the whole gang. Maggie is a very proud mom.

This is Ruger from our first litter. He is 18 months old now. Quite curious about the new pups - but very gentle with them. He must know they are his brothers and sisters.



Is this little guy just too precious.

They love to cuddle up together.


2w Mag and pups

This was at one week. They have all doubled their birth weight.

Here we are at two weeks. They are sure getting bigger and always wanting to eat.

3w Three pups

3w tired pups

Puppies playing - about 2 weeks

Tired pups - about 2 weeks

2w Levi and Pup - 2 weeks

2w Sue and pup - 2 weeks

16 days - their little eyes are open now and they re starting to stand up on all fours. Usually for just a moment - then they flop and have to rest.

Sue and Pup at 16 days

3w 3 pups - 3 weeks

3w alpha dog

They are just over 3 weeks now and getting cuter all the time.

This is # 2 - Looks like she might be an Alpha dog.

3w dog pile

3w Joe and pup

I think this is what’s called a “dog pile”

Hey there - Joe made the web page with “his baby”. Motor will be jealous.

3w one pup - 3 weeks

3w Pick me

Just too cute.

Pick me ! - Pick me !

3w Poor Maggie

3w three girls

Poor Maggie - they are getting to be a lot to feed. Maggie is always starving and getting thinner by the day. I’m feeding her 4 times a day now.Pick me ! - Pick me !

Three little girls. I put collars on them with numbers so I can try to track who’s who.























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