2005 Liter

Here are some great puppy pics. It was easy for the first 3 1/2 weeks - Maggie did all the work. Then the fun began. We started them on formula, baby cereal and then puppy chow starting at about 3 1/2 weeks. that meant “food feasts every 4 hours or so. And.... you know what goes along with a food feast. Fun, fun, fun. when the weather was nice enough, we took them outside. They just loved that. Watching them go one by one was hard - but they all went to good families and I still get to see 3 of them all the time.



Sat - Nov 5th - Just Pups - Mom's on a potty break

Sun - Nov 6th - Mom's tired today. She's not eating well, so we're giving her cottage cheese, yogurt and egg nog.

Mon - Nov 7th - the pups had their dew claws removed today. Our breeder, Diann came over to do that for us. I was the assistant. It wasn't too difficult, but was a little traumatic for the pups. As I held them they cried during the procedure, but as soon as we were done (about 3 minutes for each pup) they stopped crying. So I'm hoping it only hurt for a moment.




Nov 7th - This was the first day we noticed pigment in their noses and paw pads. It literally happened overnight.



Tues - Nov 8th - they are getting bigger by the moment. We weigh them everyday and they gain an ounce or so each day.

Thurs - Nov 10th - sometimes mag gets a break and the pups just sleep in a big pile.


Sat - Nov 12th - They are just growing by the moment. At birth they weighed a total of 6.06# and today they total 11.6#. They have nearly doubled their birth weight. Maggie is always ravenous and eats at least 4 times a day. Her favorite is scrambled eggs mixed with her puppy dog food. The highlight of our day is puppy weigh-in time (what does that tell you?) Maggie is spending more and more time "out of the box" while the pups are sleeping in longer stints. Mag is starting to run and jump, and getting back to her old self (oh no!!)

Fri - Nov 11th - what a line up




Sun - Nov 13th - This is Ruger - think Chuck likes him ??

Mon - Nov 14th - getting so big they all don't fit at once - they have to take turns



Mon - Nov 14th - really starting to look like little labs

Sat - Nov 19th - Their getting too big for under the ledge, but they love it there.



Nov 22nd - Poor Maggie - this is getting to be a bit much for her - real food next week.

Nov 24th - Happy Thanksgiving - Luke and Levi loving the pups.



Nov 25th - Who looks more content??

Nov 25th - It just doesn't get any better than this !



Nov 27th - It's getting a little wild in the box - they're wanting out - big time !!

Nov 27th - I'm ready - pick me - no pick me !!



Dec 8th - How many heads can we get into one little feeding dish - looks like new dishes are in order.

Dec 8th - Danielle with her favorite - think she likes her?



Dec 11th - This is little "Peanut" - One of my favorites.

Dec 11th - am I cute enough for you??



Dec 14th - These guys are really filling the box

Dec 15h - After a play session we have two tired pups.



Dec 16th - Sue and the Puppies - they love to cuddle

Dec 22nd - Grandma has been helping with them outside



Dec 22nd - and then there were 5 - we've already lost two - Sophie and Peanut

Dec 22nd - Maggie loves to play with them. they just love to romp outside in the garden.



This is Ann who is going to love having Sophie

Jeff and Shania



Dec 24th - Troy has chosen Bear - last puppy to go

Dec 24th - Terrry has Streak - but that's just a nickname we gave her.



Dec 24th - and then there were 3 - there is sure lots of room in the box now

This is Ron and Janet - they gave Lindsey a good home.

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